As part of the UW’s commitment to continuous improvement, Organizational Excellence has collected examples of increased efficiency and effectiveness across Seattle campus taking place from January-June 2016. These accomplishments encompass the categories of:
  • Research
  • Curricular & Student Experience
  • Business Process Improvement
Every contribution impacts campus and this webpage represents all submissions, ranging from large technical projects to small operational changes. Additionally, the examples in this Highlights document were selected as outstanding models of increased administrative effectiveness and the results of collaboration across campus.

Click on a category below to view all accomplishments within the category. Archived accomplishments are also available.

Grant Protocol Congruence Verification

Health Sciences, Office of Animal Welfare

Applying Lean processes to grant protocol congruence evaluation of studies that involve vertebrate animals. 


Implementation of HoverBoard

Health Sciences, Office of Animal Welfare

The animal welfare oversight processes have been redesigned. The key component of this is an electronic vendor solution branded as HoverBoard based upon Huron’s Click Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee (IACUC) 7 system. Beginning in January, current processes were evaluated and the replacements were mapped out using HoverBoard. In collaboration with the vendor, HoverBoard was configured to limit the customizations in order to take advantage of upgrades as the product evolves.

Institutional Review Board (IRB) Application Form

Research - Human Subjects Division (HSD)

The various existing Institutional Review Board (IRB) forms have been consolidated into a single form.

Institutional Review Board (IRB) Review Guidance

Research - Human Subjects Division (HSD)

The definition of “research” as it applies to clinical and scholarly activities involving human participants is explained in a new guidance document.

New GrantTracker Features

Finance & Facilities - Grant & Contract Accounting (GCA), Finance & Facilities – Research Compliance & Operations (RCO)

Three new GrantTracker features were launched to aid departments in managing awards.

Subawards in SAGE

Finance & Facilities - Procurement Services, Research - Office of Research Information Services (ORIS), Research - Office of Sponsored Programs (OSP)

Subaward agreement requests transitioned from Ariba to SAGE.

Zika Hazard Awareness Training

Environmental Health & Safety - Research & Occupational Safety, School of Medicine

Developed medical/safety counseling and Zika hazard awareness training. 


Research - Human Subjects Division (HSD), Research - Office of Research Information Services (ORIS)

Implementation of an electronic IRB system (Zipline) for the review and oversight of human subjects research, to replace the current paper-based system. 

Curricular & Student Experience

CASE/UW Advancement Internship Program

UW Advancement

Advancement partnered with professional association Council for Advancement and Support of Education (CASE) to increase and diversify the number of professionals in educational advancement. 

Classroom Learning with UW Skype for Business

Information Technology, School of Dentistry

Using UW Skype for Business for teaching instead of implementing a major AV hardware upgrade saves hundreds of thousands of dollars.

Collaborative Improvement of Training Materials

College of Engineering - Materials Science & Engineering, Environmental Health & Safety

Created training videos in collaboration with students and staff.

Dentistry Student Database

School of Dentistry

Deployment of new Student Database and Dashboard improve insight into learning and standards attainment.

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Strategic Action Plan

School of Nursing

The School of Nursing Diversity Committee (with input from faculty, staff, students, and other stakeholders) developed a Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Strategic Action Plan to establish procedures and resources that ensure all aspects of our school are equitable and inclusive.

High Schoolers Build a new Career Pathway through Mini-Course

School of Pharmacy

A group of students from Cleveland High School embarked on a four-day interactive learning experience at the School of Pharmacy to develop a vision for what they might do as future pharmacists. This initiative supported the process improvement priority to recruit underrepresented minorities and high school students at the stage where they are considering career pathways and college applications.

Husky Experience via Video and Webcasts

College of Education, Information School, Office of Ceremonies, School of Law, Undergraduate Academic Affairs - First Year Programs, UW Bothell, UW Video

Videos and webcasts are available to help students navigate the UW experience and share their accomplishments with friends and family.

Husky Seed Fund

Husky Experience Student Advisory Council, Office of the Provost

Created by students for students, the goal of the Husky Seed Fund is to bring to life innovative ideas by awarding funds for projects that that will enhance students’ extracurricular experience. 

Libraries Transfer Student Design Thinking Project


In 2015-16, the Libraries completed a Design Thinking project focused on improving library support for UW transfer students.

New Center for Global Health Nursing

School of Nursing

The School of Nursing has responded to the pressing need for greater nursing presence in global health, and to increasing student requests for global health training opportunities by launching the Center for Global Health Nursing.

Remote Access to Clinical Systems

Information Technology, School of Dentistry

Microsoft Azure RemoteApp cloud service offers remote access to clinical dental systems and delights students.

Sustainability Project Development

College of the Environment - Program on the Environment, Environmental Health & Safety, Sustainability

Two new sustainability projects were developed in collaboration with UW Program on the Environment students.

Thrive: Timely Messaging in MyUW for First Year Students

Information Technology, Office of the Provost, Undergraduate Academic Affairs

First Year students receive timely messages via MyUW to help them adapt to life at the UW.

Business Process Improvement

ABC School of Medicine Shared Services Idea Board

School of Medicine - ABC School of Medicine Shared Services

Lean Idea Board Implementation.

Accomplishment Submission Form

Organizational Excellence

Allows UW departments to submit Accomplishments electronically.

Activity Based Budgeting (ABB) Phase II

Office of the Provost - Office of Planning & Budgeting

The Activity Based Budgeting (ABB) Phase II review committee has developed educational resources and improvements to the existing ABB rules.

Adopting Lean Practice

School of Medicine - Academic Appointment & Compensation (AAC)

The School of Medicine - Academic Appointment & Compensation (AAC) implemented unit huddles to reach common goals.